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JLE541DA operation instruction plug and play pos pinpad

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 JLE541DA operation instruction USB plug and play pos pinpad


JLE541DA pos pinpad solved kinds of incompatible problems from the software and the hardware due to variety of terminals and variety of software divers.  It can be connected to PC,STAR series terminal, GW series terminal, WYSE terminal, Guoguang terminal, Haiwei terminal,and other major terminal of oversea manufacturers.    

JLE541DA pos pinpad is plug and play with USB simulation keyboard port.

JLE541DA pos pinpad is widely used in major professional banking, securities, insurance, commercial POS, or the need to provide equipment for inputting the password. 

JLE541DA is the pos pinpad with LCD display in English, which supports 2 lines of 15 letters or digital display, with 10 digital keys, 2 function keys, 3 reserved keys, total 15 keys. It is USB interface, no need drive, which is plug and play, which is different from both JLE511DA and JLE531DA which need programming before work.


1. Connect the pos pinpad to computer by USB as picture showed.
Note: if it is the first time to connect to computer, please wait 30 seconds after connected, computer will recognize the Pinpad automatically, then it can start to work after it is fully recognized by computer.

2. After pinpad was connected to computer successfully, LCD screen will light and show “ENTER PHONE” “ENTER PASSWD” or others as top picture.

3. Then open any document with the format of Word, TXT or Excel as top picture.

4. Move the mouse to the corresponding text box and enter the password. Then the number “1234567890” or symbol **** will be displayed on LCD, and the number or symbol will be displayed in the text box synchronously as top picture.

5. After corresponding number or symbol was displayed in the text box. Press Enter button, the they were confirmed to be output, text in LED screen will be shifted automatically, meanwhile the they will be emptied.

6. when you input the wrong number, press “clear” button to remove them, each time you press “Clear” button, one bit of the number will be removed, and the number in the text will be also removed simultaneously

F1, F2 and F3 are the reserved keys, if need add more functions, such as decimal point and currency symbol, you can put F1, F2 and F3 keys into use after some setting.

The pinpad JLE541DA can be customized basing on the requirement of customers. Please contact us freely if you have question.





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