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JLE531DA operation instruction programmable pinpad

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JLE531DA operation Instruction programmable pinpad

JLE531DA programmable pinpad solved kinds of incompatible problems from the software and the hardware due to variety of terminals and variety of software divers. It can be connected to PC,STAR series terminal, GW series terminal, WYSE terminal, Guoguang terminal, Haiwei terminal,and other major terminal of oversea manufacturers.    
JLE531DA programmable pinpad is programmable with USB simulated RS232 interface and SDK.
JLE531DA programmable pinpad is widely used in major professional banking, securities, insurance, commercial POS, or the need to provide equipment for inputting the password.

It is different from JLE541DA plug and play pos pinpad, which is no need command or some pre-setting when it starts to work. JLE531DA programmable pinpad need run the command to set the first line and 2nd line as customer expected.

On another way, although the interface is different between JLE531DA and JLE511DA which is the RS232 +USB, the operation is the same for programmable RS232 keypad JLE511DA.

Below is the operation for setting the 2nd line text into plain text or cipher text:

1.Connect the programmable pinpad to computer by USB, LCD show “Welcome”.

2.Find the COM.port of the computer

3.Open the software, which can detect the COM port of your computer automatically, if not, please set it manually.

4.Set the software: press configure — press send data; then choose “HEX”, press “enter(确定)”

5.Set plain text or cipher text in LCD display:
Input 1b6600 in dialog box, which set cipher text in LCD display, press send(发送)
Input 1b6601 in dialog box, which set plain text in LCD display,press send(发送)

6.Input 82 and press send (发送) to trigger the device to start work, LCD is lighting.

7.Input numbers “1234567890” by device, press “enter”, number send out, LCD was cleared









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