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About us ___ professional pinpad supplier


Company Mission

The world is moving too fast, but we are willing to stay, just for the wish that customers can find us easily if they still need this kind of pinpads. 


Company Vision
To provide the basic and wide applications for the POS pinpad, password pinpad, numeric pinpad to the group of people, companies, governments and areas over the world. We are willing to adjust the company’s development direction and strategy according to customer requirements, customer suggestions and customer development, so as to not only serve customers who still need such products over the world, but also develop and grow together with customers.


Company Background
Shenzhen Jianglve Technology, develops and provides POS pinpad, password pinpad, numeric pinpad and this series of products under the brand “Anrrive pinpad”, which are widely applied in banking system, public transportation system, medical system, communication system, insurance system, securities system, retail industry and other related fields. After years of development, Our company has developed a mature capability on R&D, production, quality and sales, especially developed the independent R&D capability,which made the products and technology reach to the leading level in Pinpad related field.

For more information on any of our products or our company, welcome to email us: Matthuang@jletech.com


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